A true guitar virtuoso
Concerto Magazine, Vienna
One of the best Brazilian musicians today
Jazz & Blues Magazine
One of the greatest Brazilian guitarists of the present day
O Estado do Maranhão
Using his virtuosity not only through the great dexterity he possesses, but also with absolute control of sonority, expressive content and interpretation, strengths of this new work
Backstage Magazine
(…) the musician proves the reason of being considered one of the most outstanding Brazilian guitarists in the contemporary instrumental scene.
Revista Violão e Ponto
Luis Leite is an admirably fluent player with a technique equal to anything, and a fine tone to match
Classical Guitar Magazine
inspired melodies and harmonies, distributed between bars that precede other even more beautiful than the previous ones. A guitar reflecting the wisdom of the guitarist. A guitar that create feelings. A generous guitar, to offer moments of maximum delirium to the listener. A superb guitar… even when I most need need words to tell about the beauty of Luis Leite’s guitar – I can’t find enough of them.
Jornal de Brasília
’Vento Sul’ carries a narrative that becomes the protagonist of its story, an invitation to dive and enjoy a quiet and powerful musical universe..
Jornal O Fluminense
The album provides a sensory journey bringing us shades and nuances of the Latin American culture. (…) a meltdown of the musical celebration is offered by them in the jazzy ‘Pedra do Sal’. (…) Luis Leite and his “Vento Sul” give us a pleasant travel to the heart of Latin American musicality and its colors. Try to condense the subtleties of all these artistic manifestations is a Herculean task, but “Vento Sul” using of its studio mastery succeeds greatly in it.
Digital magazine Ambrosia
(…) the expressiveness of the composer on the guitar conveys an atmosphere of amplitude – it may be the open space of the pampas, or the open space of South American metropolitan avenues.
Folha de São Paulo
These gentlemen presented their art at a highly professional level. Guitarist Luis Leite played all difficult technical passages without hesitation and found support in the rhythmical playing of Luis Ribeiro. It is not easy to perform a whole concert in duo, but on this occasion the audience was surely not bored. The compositions are well-done structured with inventively improvisational parts. South-american culture and the musical tradition that developed out of it make it sound very rich and unique for the ears of a Middle-European. Duo Mundo Urbano offered a view into this part of guitar world through a fusion of traditional, classical and contemporary Brazilian music.
Erik Rothstein and Ela Vaculová, Hudobny Zivot – Slowakia
(…)’ it moves between the lyricism and the sensibility of South American music. Choro, milonga, samba, echoes of Minas Gerais jazz (from Clube da Esquina) are perceived through the ten tracks. Fluent guitar, with precise solos, that he uses in the service of his compositions and the arrangements, alternating duos, trios and quartets.
O Globo
Luis Leite honors the South American music in ‘Vento Sul’ (…). Each piece has its own identity, and represents a particular universe in itself. It is an invitation to a delicate appreciation, to be enjoyed without haste. It is an insight to the exploration of our inner space of listening.
Digital magazine Ludovica
Musical winds that bring Luis Leite to his origins…
Jornal O Tempo
A walk through South American sonorities (…). His album brings ten songs that say a lot about the author’s desire to slow down in today’s rushing times
Diário de Uberlândia
’Vento Sul’ is a journey through the latin vibes,
(…) elevates the listener to a place of calmness and serenity, in an expansive atmosphere that he brings on his strings (..)
Digital Magazine Segundo Cliche
Loaded with spontaneity, creativity and improvisation (…), it was recorded in one take – the song rescues the unforeseen, it opens space for musical experimentation and interaction
Sem Papas
… and there were soft ballads full of swing, fascinating rhythms and precious melodies that wove fine threads to hang our dreams
Heidemarie Klabacher
His concert was a wonderful highlight of the festival
Hudba Slovakia, Slovakia
The audience was completely enchanted with his virtuosistic skills and inumerous original compositions in an atmosphere that made everyone forget the outside winter temperature..
Vorchdorfonline, Austria
…and the concert turned out to be a true magnet for the audience. Monika Guca and Luis Leite convinced everyone with great musical sensibility
Edi Macho, Niederösterreichischen
Luis Leite possesses an extraordinary musical talent
Alvaro Pierri
Luis Leite comes further than other guitarists of his generatiion through his natural musical talent allied to a fluent and well-developed technique
Sérgio Abreu
As musical as delicate, as it is intense in its melodies and instrumentation, (…) with absolute conviction, it has already established itself as one of the most beautiful albums of our music in recent times.
Gustavo Cunha

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